About TPB

Beautiful Thomas Point has much more to offer than just a day in the Sun.  With 84 acres, store it is noted as “the   Prettiest and Cleanest Park in New England”, “Th
e Family Funspot”… where people of all ages can enjoy nature beauty  and relax in a safe, “People Friendly” public Park.

In 1840 Samuel Groves built the existing farm house on the property and in the early 1900′s Ida Hambleton, a relative,  inherited the estate.  Mrs. Hambleton, originally from California, developed the site and maintained it as a summer recreational park offering 70 changing rooms, a dance hall and food services.  The Brunswick Naval Air Station ran the park for a short time, as well as the Town of Brunswick.  In 1956 Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Crooker purchased and developed the 27 acre property to make the land the Public facility that is has become today.  The Park has been managed and operated by Pati Crooker Mulligan since 1972.  In 1993, Pati Crooker Mulligan became sole owner and now operates as Thomas Point Beach, Inc.

Thomas Point is privately owned and operated and has never been affiliated with the State Parks. Throughout the summer months the Park is used for Family Reunions, Weddings, Corporate Outings, Church and Family Picnics, Outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.  Group sizes range from 1 to 8,000!  With 75 permanent campsites, it attracts campers from across the country who come to enjoy the beauty of coastal Maine.

Mr. and Mrs. Crooker’s hopes and plans for this Park was to “offer a clean, safe recreation area for families and children”  This is our purpose and this is what we do….

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