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2012 Boston Bluegrass Union “HERITAGE AWARD” for the Music Industry

The awards are presented each year by the BBU to honor those who have made substantial contributions to furthering bluegrass in New England…The Crooker Mulligan Family, page
Bringing National Bluegrass Artists to Brunswick, Maine for Over 30 Years
– In 1979, Pati Crooker Mulligan presented the first Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival over Labor Day weekend at Thomas Point Beach Park—the seaside recreation area outside of Brunswick, Maine that her parents Harry and Marion Crooker purchased in 1956. Through 2008, price
the Labor Day Thomas Point festival consistently featured a range of established and upcoming talent in a relaxing beachside atmosphere, with ample camping and ‘round the clock jamming. The beloved festival concluded in 2008 and sealed a selection of memorabilia in two time capsules buried under the famous TPB four-faced clock, to be opened in 2038 (30 years).

After three years of bluegrass absence in mid-coast Maine, Pati, along with her son Mike Mulligan, felt the need to resurrect the music and in 2011 introduced the “Bluegrass Special”, as a tribute to “Family, Friends and Frolic” and dedicated to the Park Founders Harry and Marion Crooker. The return marks a stunning affirmation of the Crooker Mulligan family’s tireless dedication to presenting bluegrass music to New England audiences for over three decades. The festival continues its proud return in 2012. – February 2012

2010 Southern Mid-Coast Maine Chamber “SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR”

Thomas Point Beach awarded “Small Business of the Year” by the Southern Mid-coast Maine Chamber in 2010, presented by Governor Baldacci. The park has been a Maine landmark for 54 years and Crooker Mulligan has been at the helm since 1972. Over the years the 85 acre facility has hosted the Maine Highland Games, Saltwater Music Festival, the Maine Festival and the Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival. Thomas Point Beach is where young and old come together to relax, play and celebrate together. - September 2010

2009 IBMA “Distinguished Achievement Award”

The International Bluegrass Music Association honors Pati Crooker with its highest award, the “Distinguished Achievement Award” in Nashville. The award recognizes individuals in the bluegrass music industry who have fostered the music’s image with developments that will broaden the genre’s recognition and accessibility. – October 2009

2008 IBMA “Event of the Year Award”

Thomas Point Beach receives “Event of the Year” Award by the International Bluegrass Music Association in Nashville, Tennessee. This award recognizes international events for their outstanding accomplishment and service to bluegrass music in the field of event production - October 2008

2004 “Mid-Coast Regional Tourism Award”

Thomas Point Beach receives “Mid-Coast Regional Tourism Award”, presented by the Maine Tourism Association. This award is presented to honor those who have made a major contribution to the promotion of tourism locally, regionally or statewide. - May 2004

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