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"Where the Music meets the Sea..."
Labor Day Week-end for 30 years!

The 30th annual Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival held in 2008 was to be our last Bluegrass Festival, with no doubt. Our fesitval fans continued to make the annual trip to TPB just the same as they had done for years to enjoy the Park and their friends met throughout the years, even without the stage shows, it didnt matter! They arrived by the hundreds! Everyone here truly missed everything about this festival. As Monroe once said...

“Bluegrass has brought more people together and made more friends than any music in the world.  You meet people at festivals and renew acquaintances year after year.” Bill Monroe

We couldn't agree with him more! So much so, we had to bring it back!
In 2011 we welcomed everyone "Home Again" for the
Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Special!
The “Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Special” is lovingly Dedicated
To the Memory and Lives of
Harry and Marion Crooker

Thomas Point Beach was founded and established in 1956
by Harry and Marion

Their hopes and plan for this Park was
to offer a clean, safe recreation area
for families and children.
This is our purpose and this is what we do…

Thanks for the memories Mom and Dad…
and here’s to new beginnings

Below are a few of the Festival Staff's Thank you messages
written as their Farewell.
I think these messages will explain clearly why we just simply can not say good-bye!

Our thanks to everyone for your support & friendship throughout the years!
Pati and Michael
and all your friends at beautiful Thomas Point

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hank You from Pati:

In the beginning, I knew our Bluegrass Festival would be life changing but I never could have imagined to what a depth it would reach. I know now how my dear Mother felt when she retired from producing her cherished Crusade Capers event after exactly 30 years. It was so dear to her heart, as well as everyone who took part in it. It was her Baby, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for Cancer Research. It will definitely be part of her legacy.

Years ago when I held my 1st annual Bluegrass Festival I knew it would be special. I really wasn’t sure what this was all about but, I was sure it was what WE were all about. It takes the right combination to make a perfect partnership. With every event we produce here, it has to reflect the essence of this Park; not only what Thomas Point offers physically but, more importantly, emotionally and spiritually, or we don’t do it. The Bluegrass Festival was the perfect mix. Combining the passion of the music with the love of family and friendships along with the beauty and peace of the location can create a very meaningful, long-term relationship. Thirty years is powerful. And no, I still have no idea how to play anything.

Dad told me a long time ago “I never meant for this place to last forever and you will know when it will be time to let it go.” Well, we’ve held on to make it this far and now it’s time to “Let it go.” Dad was right. After thirty truly amazing years of producing my own special cherished event, I’m ready to let it go. I know how much we will all miss this, just as I miss Mom’s Crusade Capers to this day but, the true fact is… “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” and, oh, how this is loved. What a truly wonderful time it has been. It is a legacy of this park and one to be proud of. It definitely changed my life. It’s been and always will be “My Baby”. And, Mom, haven’t we been blessed!

To honor you and this festival, a Time Capsule is planned to be buried deep inside this property. That’s right...some place where it will be protected, marked and ready to open someday. Something to preserve and share the depth of meaning this event has had for so many of us. If you have a treasures, DVD's, photos or written memories you would like to include in the capsule, please mail to us at the address listed below. The capsule is scheduled to be sealed and buried Labor Day week-end 2009.

One thing’s for sure, every single person who worked this festival truly loved everything about it! And, amazingly enough, there wasn't that many of us, and we always seemed to come back year after year. I am deeply grateful to each and every one of the loyal TPB Festival Staff throughout the years. They loved it as if it were their own and that’s what I loved the most. Shari, you do more than I could ever do these days. You are my right hand, my memory, my dearest friend. You make this so easy and so much fun!! Mike, my son; when one door closes, another will open. Your depth and wisdom inspires me more than you know. I could not be more proud of anyone. My deepest appreciation to everyone who were along for this magical adventure!

Thank you, everyone, for your support...I hope you enjoyed the music, the laughter, the fun! I hope you had the time of your life! I know we did!!

Pati Crooker
supporting bluegrass in maine

Thank You from Mike:

24 Years… by Mike Mulligan

I was practically born at this festival, a few months early, but it might as well have been opening day. I have grown up here, at this park, and at this festival. I have heard a lot of great music.  I have seen a lot of amazing bands, before a lot of them even knew they were amazing. I have worn many hats: security, ice-cream boy, grounds keeper, bathroom attendant, lifeguard, registration, gate house attendant, and chef.  I even remember back when I would walk around the circle wearing a sign selling lemonade and popcorn during the show. And let us not forget, opening nearly every festival since I could walk and talk.

I have made a lot of friends here in these fields, and many I now call family. With them I have seen a few sunrises, and many sunsets I never wanted to come (24 Sundays to be exact). And I wouldn't give any of it up for the world. So what now? How do we move on? I haven't got a clue. It honestly didn't hit me that this was our last festival until mid-way through August when I was updating the schedule. Every year we've said the same thing, “...’til Next Year...Same Time, Same Place!!!” And this year (2008) I had to delete it.  You can't imagine what it felt like to delete that one line, I can't even describe it. But I have to trust it.

For twenty-four years of my life, all of it, there has been one steady element.  This festival, this beach, and this family. Have I learned everything I could have from this festival. Probably not. I don't think I ever could have learned everything this festival had to offer.  All I know is we are lucky to have been a part of it, in every sense. And we are lucky to have had it been a part of us.

Words of wisdom are things I seldom share. And a catchy closing, or moral to the story, is not coming up.

There are hundreds of things I want to say to you, my bluegrass family, that I could never put to simple words. But the most important thing I need to tell you is easy. I will miss you. All of you. Next year, and every year there after.  Labor Day will never be the same without you. And you will always be remembered.

I wish you all safe travels, where ever the road takes you.  Remember us, hold us in your hearts, and never forget the years we spent together.

..'till next time...

Thank You from Shari:

Not too many years ago, our dear friend, Cuzin’ Isaac greeted me here at the festival and commented that I had “really grown-up”. I gave him a big hug and had to laugh… grown up I certainly had! I was over 30 years old, with children of my own… a long way from when he and I had met at my first festival in 1985. I have grown-up, and so has this festival. Many of you were here long before I entered the picture, and you have memories of the festival in its infancy. I have heard the stories of those early festivals many times, and sometimes they are so vivid, I feel I was there. I was 16 at my first festival and it was several years before I became a true fan of the music (I spent lots of time at the gate and didn’t hear much of it!), but that year, I fell in love with this crowd of people, guests and staff. So many of you have been an important part of my life, and it would be unfair to try and name names. I hope you know who you are. The years I was away while in pursuit of another career left me so sad every Labor Day weekend. It was the festival that drew me back to TPB 12 years ago. A decision I have not regretted.

I can’t thank Pati enough for the experiences shared with me over these years. I have learned so much from her, been given such amazing opportunities, and created wonderful memories. I also thank her, and all of you, for including my family as part of this festival family. Over the years you have met my Dad, Mike in the Caboose and on the Security team, my sister Sonya, for many years, in the Main Lodge, my brother Brian on the late night Security shift, my Gram, Dorothy, one of the infamous “Gift Shop Ladies”, my sister- in- law Barbara at the Children’s Activities, my daughters Kendra & Alexis selling popcorn, my husband Steve had his turn at the Gate, and he and my Mom Linda have had the most important job of caring so well for my girls, so I could be here without worry. I could not have given so much of myself to the festival without all of their support and understanding, and I have loved sharing the experience with them.

So much has changed in my life over these years, and so much has changed for this festival. The crowds have grown, the number of days expanded, workshops were added, and so much more, but many things have remained constant… the high quality of the event produced by Pati each year, the loyalty and enthusiasm of the crowd here, the incredible friendships created, and the magic and memories made year after year. We all enjoyed each and every moment.


Thank You from Lynn:

Oh, where do I start? This place has made such a huge impact on my life, from the lessons I’ve learned and the friends I’ve made. I always looked forward to August to see all the friends I haven’t seen in what seems like forever. Faces may change a little but we are always the same in our hearts.

Being in the Caboose had been so much fun, getting a first hand look at what this festival was all about...the Music and friends. I love this place so much and I really can’t imagine how life will be without it...So thank you ALL, especially Pati, Shari, Mike and Kyle for making my life so much fuller...and all my other TPB Festival have all had a huge impact.


The Spirit of beautiful Thomas Point
and Bluegrass Music!...
Experience the "Magic"

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